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      Ante Natal        Care Services

We offer a range of services to support you, your partner and your developing baby from conception through pregnancy to birth. We will help you to feel relaxed, confident and free from pain using a bespoke combination of chiropractic, craniosacral therapy and hypnobirth techniques. We will also help your baby to develop optimally in the womb with gentle hands-on releases. 

Pain Relief

Treatment for back pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD) Pelvic girdle pain (PGP), sciatica, neck pain, headache, abdominal pain, and other muscle/joint pain. Read More

Preparing for Birth

Feel confident that you can have a natural birth. You will learn to relax, to control pain, and reduce anxiety using, visualisation, mindfulness and private hypnobirth sessions. Read More

Nurturing Baby

We will balance your spine and pelvis and release tension from the tissues around your womb so your baby can develop in comfort, reducing the risk of complications. Read More

   Post Natal    Care Services

Birth has a massive impact on your developing baby’s nervous system. As well as relieving pain, our treatment can release stored trauma with an immediate and long lasting effect. We can help you to recover quickly so your energy can go to nurturing your newborn, and we will continue to support your baby as they grow.  

First Days/Weeks

We will help your newborn to sleep well, cry less and feed better, by reducing pain and discomfort caused by pressure on their head and spine during birth.
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 Care for Mum

Making sure that pain stays away and helping you to recover more quickly after giving birth so you can put your energy into looking after your baby.
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Assessing and treating your child at each of their developmental milestones: holding up the head, sitting up, crawling, walking and talking.
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The beginning of a child's life is remarkable; from conception, through pregnancy, birth and expansion into the world, every new awareness is a miracle. Your baby’s nervous system is changing and growing rapidly. The imprints from this time will travel with them, moulding their core and affecting their experience for the whole of their life.

The focus of Birthcare is to make your baby’s development in the womb, their birth, and the first year of their life as positive and joyful as possible. This means supporting you, the mother, to be happy and pain-free because, in the beginning, you are their world; Your experience is your baby’s experience...  Read More 


I have been a Paediatrician for almost two decades. Meeting Stephen and learning from him has made a significant impact in my practice with children.   Read More

Steve helped to ease my pregnancy induced SPD, and freed tensions in my body. I firmly believe he has been a key player in not only keeping me healthy...Read More

My baby boy had recurring ear infections and was thoroughly miserable.   Stephen was great with Sebastian and worked on him... Read More